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Explore a wide range of jewelry services.
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Custom Jewelry Design

Make it yours, down to the very last detail.

Diamond Special Requests

Still looking for the perfect diamond?

Work with a GIA-trained jewelry professional to discover the diamond of your dreams.

  • Large Diamonds, both Natural & Lab-Created, starting at 1 carat

  • Specialty Cuts, such as the European cut, Old Mine cut, and fantasy cuts

  • Large Fancy Color Diamonds, in hues of pink, lavender, sea-green, and more

  • Fluorescent Diamonds that glow blue or yellow in ultraviolet light

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Gemstone Special Requests

Discover the perfect gemstone.

Work with a GIA-trained jewelry professional to discover the gemstone of your dreams.

  • John Dyer Gemstones in award-winning cuts, or have a rough gem cut just for you!

  • Large Natural Gemstones with specific requirements, starting at 1 carat

  • Specialty Cuts, such as concave faceted, gem carvings, and fantasy cuts

  • Color Matching, to create a set or replace a lost heirloom

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Stone Matching

Match a stone you've selected to create the perfect piece, or send a loose stone of your own to be evaluated by a GIA trained professional. From the perfect pair of earrings to replacing a lost treasure, our experts will find the best match for size, shape, cut, color, and clarity.

Diamond Cutting

We work with a team of trusted diamond cutting professionals to provide amazing cutting services to our customers. All of our diamond cutting services occur in the USA and help keep American artisans working through the pandemic and beyond.

Have your Diamond Certified

Receive a grading report and unique ID number complete with laser inscription with GIA's Diamond Certification process. Simply send us your stone and we take care of the rest! Your diamond will travel safely to the lab in an insured package. Learn More...