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Ethical Sourcing

Fine jewelry created from SCS-certified 100% recycled metals, with diamonds and gemstones of known origin.

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Mactye Jewelers offers fine jewelry created from SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metals, with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones from around the world. We are committed to operating and conducting business in a way that works in harmony with the climate of Earth and all of it's inhabitants.


Diamonds featured on this website are 100% conflict-free and selected by hand to guarantee the highest standard of quality. We adhere to the Kimberly Process, which is an industry-wide commitment to eliminate conflict diamonds from the global supply chain.

Diamond mining has advanced to become an almost entirely automated process, allowing us to mine deep underground without stripping away the earth above. Many mines now work closely with local indigenous groups and administrations to rehabilitate depleted mining sites and maintain protections for the land, water, and wildlife. We choose to work with sources that align with our values.


Unlike diamond mining, gemstone mining still happens at a relatively small scale. Most gemstone mining is done by hand with simple tools like a shovel, a sifting pan, and a keen knowledge of the area. This information is handed down from generation to generation in rural farming communities and can often help sustain families after the harvest season has ended. Our gem suppliers are chosen with this in mind, because we believe it is incredibly important to ensure that the profit from each sale will benefit the people in those communities.

SCS Certified Recycled Metals

We hold our suppliers to the same ethical and environmental standards that we set for ourselves. This is why we use SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metals. This practice helps to reduce fossil fuel consumption as well as keeping precious metals abundant and affordable for the world to enjoy.

Diamond Screening & Integrity

Mactye Jewelers has a zero tolerance policy for undisclosed lab-grown diamonds (ULGDs). We only work with suppliers that feel the same way. All of our suppliers screen for undisclosed lab-grown diamonds and are required to periodically submit random samples to leading independent laboratories for screening. These security measures ensure that you can buy with confidence and get exactly what you purchase.